Main Products

Silk-screen printing is considered a popular, long-lasting method in the printing industry. In addition to the official name, silkscreen printing is commonly referred to as ``screen printing``. The silk-screen printing process goes through several stages: design, film review, film production, screen framing and printing. Screen printing requires high technical skills and create products with high durability.

Clear gel printing

Clear gel printing technique is fairly simple, after color printing is completed, a layer of clear, glossy Gel will be added to evenly cover the surface of the printed image. Product must be immediately and completely dried and then stored in a dehumidifying room.

Glitter printing

Glitter, just mentioning the name we all associate with sparkling and beautiful things. The essence of glitter is small plastic beads of many colors, sizes and shapes. This technique is popular on children's and women's products.

Puff screen printing

Puff printing is a fairly common effect in screen printing. The ink after printing is processed through a high temperature to create a fancy raised effect.

Soft hand printing

With large-sized prints, diverse in colors, Softhand printing technology will often be used. With this technique, the user feels soft and comfortable when in contact with the printed image.

High density printing

With this technique, the image is printed at a high standard height to form a multi-dimensional HD block that looks extremely fancy and has high aesthetics.

Water base printing

Water base is a fairly common printing technique in the silkscreen printing industry. This technique does not require too much difficulty, but it gives very good effects and quality due to the character

Color shift printing

Today, Color shift printing technology has been meeting with constantly changing and diverse requirements of fashion industry. Changing the color through the viewing angle, the effect is achieved to satisfy all customers, especially customers who love the unique and fancy.